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    “The Holistic Baby Sleep System is a terrific new tool for parents wrestling with childhood sleep issues. It is simple and easy for parents to learn. Several of my families have tried this method already and found that it was a tremendous help in solving their children's sleep problems.”
    Benjamin Kligler, M.D., M.P.H. Vice Chair and Research Director

    "Finally, a gentle and effective way of fostering better sleep and overall health in babies, by teaching parents how to perform baby acupressure right in their homes. Unlike other sleep methods, the Holistic Baby Sleep System respects a baby's natural nervous system, which is wired to wake for feedings, but encourages better sleep when the body is in a resting state."
    Sharen Medrano, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), www.nycbreastfeeding.com










    Jennifer was featured on Natalia Rose’s Life Force Families Monthly Live
    Q & A Call and received a very warm and enthusiastic response from parents
    across the country. To hear the audio from her interview please go to: http://www.detoxtheworld.com/lifeforcefamilies/lff-calls.php





    Articles written by Jennifer Taveras:









    The system is simple to use and it worked within a few days.
    Nely Q, New York, NY, mom to 8 month old son

    Using HBSS seemed to regulate my son's sleep, moods, and appetite in a gentle way. It is so nice to know we have it as a tool to help re-set him when his schedule is thrown off by illness, travel, or other disruptions. We used a series of point stimulation as recommended for a cough on two different occasions and both times the cough cleared up in just a couple of days, where in the past he has had a couple of long lingering coughs. Did the acupressure make the difference? I am not certain, but I will certainly try it again and for other ailments.
    Corina A, Berkeley, CA, mom to 21 month old son

    We started when my daughter was 13mos and she was waking up every 2-3hrs. It took less then 2wks to have her sleeping an 11hr block using the HBSS!
    Libby R, Oakland, CA, mom to 13 month old daughter

    We were a part of the NC study and began doing the point stimulation when Jules was 4 months old. We participated in the study because Jules could not sleep for more than 2 hours at a time. Working with Jennifer and learning the HBSS method was a gift! After doing the 24 hour point stimulation and then adding an alternative point stimulation Jules slept for 4 hours and then 6 hours and has since continued to do so. We also learned point stimulation to help with his teething. As a new mom it was very rewarding to have Jennifer's support in helping me get our son to sleep better. It was also nice to have alternative methods to address sleep in a healthy way while gaining knowledge in acupressure.
    Elizabeth L, Durham, NC, mom to 4 month old son

    I used the HBSS with my son to great success. We night weaned during this time period and the HBSS was helpful in soothing him to sleep/back to sleep using the techniques.
    Clay C, Newfield, NY, mom to 13 month old son

    We started HBSS at perhaps the worst of my daughter's teething. It was a gradual improvement (over several months) in her sleep and now I can say that we no longer have ANY sleep issues. She is sleeping 8 hours on her own routinely and on a good night 10-12 with only one waking to nurse. We've also noticed that her naps have improved- they are both longer and more regular.
    Laurie K, Ithaca, NY, mom to 8 month old daughter

    It worked. I am not kidding you. He slept 9 hours uninterrupted in his own bed last night! I did the points at about 3:30 pm and he slept on his own from 9:45 to 6:45 this morning. Thanks so much!
    Nancy C, Leadville, CO, mom to 12 month old son

    I have had some real success with the teething point and relieving pain with it.
    Julie W, Leadville, CO, mom to 12 month old son

    Just wanted to let you know it's been working great for us from Day 1!  It's amazing how much sleep she is getting without waking.  She usually only wakes once per night, if even, now, compared to about 3-5 times!  We're very impressed and happy.  :)
    Leah H, Ithaca, NY, mom to 13 month old daughter

    I've found the teething spot particularly useful when she's having trouble sleeping because of that issue.
    Julie N, Ithaca, NY, mom to 13 month old daughter

    Reduced the number of night wakings and duration of them.
    Jenny C, Durham, NC, mom to 24 month old daughter

    The method helped make her schedule more predictable. However, I had hoped she would be able to do longer stretches at night. I intend to try the method again at various developmental milestones to see if we eventually get improved night duration.
    Rachel P, New York, NY, mom to 6 month old daughter




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