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    Holistic Baby Acupressure System DVD

    In the Holistic Baby Acupressure System DVD you will learn both the Holistic Baby Sleep System and the Holistic Baby Wellness System:
    • * How the Chinese Clock regulates the circadian rhythms
    • * 12 acupressure points for sleep regulation
    • * Acupressure point stimulation techniques
    • * General sleep protocol for balancing the circadian rhythms
    • * Three alternative protocols for sleep regulation
    • * The use of the 12 points for the treatment of 19 common pediatric health conditions
    • * A Well-Baby protocol to improve digestion, stimulate growth and support immunity

    Running Time: 43 minutes

    The DVD is not intended to replace the services of a licensed health care provider in the diagnosis or treatment of illness or disease. Any application of the material taught in this DVD is done at the viewer's discretion, and the viewer assumes sole risk and responsibility for any use or misuse of said material.

    For international orders, please email your order to Jennifer@holisticbabyacupressuresystem.com and she will send you a Paypal request for payment. Shipping fees vary depending upon country.
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