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  • The Hands are the Instrument of the Heart

    The Hands are the Instrument of the Heart

    A beloved teacher of mine once taught me that the hands are the instrument of the heart. I think of that often as I teach Holistic Baby to parents and caregivers. It is really important to me to empower parents with the confidence that they are uniquely capable to provide effective health solutions to their own children. The twelve acupressure points that comprise Holistic Baby are easily located and stimulated, but I am still sometimes told by parents that they feel unqualified and unsure about applying these techniques. I have to remind them of the power that they hold is in their very own hands. There is no harm that can be done when you approach your child with love, care and positive intention. Even if you are not precisely on the right spot or you don’t get a full two minutes of massage time there is an intangible energy created when you touch your child with love that transcends perfect location or technique. So my simple advice is to lead with your heart and your hands and you will see that you are capable of great healing at home.

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