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  • I Heart Chinese Medicine

    I Heart Chinese Medicine

    “Mommy, if you really love somebody do your eyes turn into red hearts?”

    That was the question my six year old son asked me recently, obviously spawned from watching something on youtube (his media of choice these days).

    “Well, not literally,” I told him, “but your heart does get big when you love someone or something a lot”.

    Something that I really love and that almost turns my eyes into hearts is Chinese Medicine. Add to that how much I love my son and I probably have some pretty large, cartoonish hearts protruding from my head most of the time!

    With the Holistic Baby Acupressure System I have combined these two great loves into one mission: to educate parents on how to treat their own children with simple acupressure techniques to improve sleep and enhance wellness.

    As a busy working mother, I have deliberately made it simple because I know that when a parent is juggling work and family life there is no time for health remedies that are complicated and time consuming. You just need health tools that work, that you can do anywhere, anytime and with no major appliances necessary. Holistic Baby fits that bill on all counts.

    With this blog I intend to add to what I’ve already offered in the instructional manual and the DVD and throw in bits of wisdom from the other realms of Chinese Medicine such as herbal remedies and dietary suggestions.

    It is my hope that you too will come to heart Chinese Medicine!

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    One Response to I Heart Chinese Medicine

    1. Beautifully penned, as always! I HEART YOU & all you do!

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